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Dear Friends,

We still have to deal with measures regarding the pandemic. Also now we have to adjust the calendar again in the hope that at the end of June, we can travel free and so also have our CEC's.

The CEC-1 has moved, by consultation between ECMO and the club in Jinin (CZ), for one month, from May 22 to June 26. As you know the organizer of the CEC-2 in Offenbach (DE) has already taken a new date from April 24, to July 24.

To complete the calendar, the CMCdN will, if possible and permitted, be organized in Culitzsch (DE) on September 11, 2021. For this race the enrolment is done by the Representative/Team Captain of a country.

Hopefully we will see each other safe and sound in Jinin (CZ) on June 26!!! Keep following the posts and messages on the site!!!

ECMO Board