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CEC Pacov Czech Republic 24. Juni 2023

Perfect Classic Motocross weather on Saturday in Pacov. The drivers were enthusiastic about the super prepared slope, the great infrastructure with showers and clean toilets, the easy registration and technical control, the organization of the races, marshals and the rescue service. There were gripping ...


Dear sports friends,

Only a few weeks to go and then we have our CEC Competition in Pacov in Czech Republic. In the Calendar section of our website you will find all the information about this race. On the link below you can find a list of the registered participants and their driver number.

Patrticipants ...


Dear Sportfriends,

Looking back at the 2022 season, we saw that the number of participants in the CEC competitions was decreasing.

CEC 1. 109 participants. CEC 2. 84 participants. CEC 3. 69 participants.

This decrease will undoubtedly have to do with the sharp rise in costs, including fuel prices.

Therefore, after consultation ...

Hans was a great sportsman who meant a lot to classic motorsport, we will miss him. The ECMO wishes the family a lot of strength with their loss

On behalf of the board of the ECMO Herman Leunen

Dear Sport Friends,

A littke late but still a happy new year to everyone. We hope you are all well and looking forward to another wonderful classic motocross year in 2023.

Before Christmas ECMO and IMBA had a meeting to discuss the future of working together in Classic motocross.

In 2023 ECMO will, as previously agreed, run the ...

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