Board Update

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Dear Sportfriends,

Looking back at the 2022 season, we saw that the number of participants in the CEC competitions was decreasing.

CEC 1. 109 participants. CEC 2. 84 participants. CEC 3. 69 participants.

This decrease will undoubtedly have to do with the sharp rise in costs, including fuel prices.

Therefore, after consultation at the meeting in Culitzch, the board has taken the following decisions.

  1. Only one official Classic European Championship CEC competition will be held in 2023 as a trial.

  2. There will then be three rounds with the exception of the 72+ class.

  3. The 30+ class will become a 50- class so that young riders can also participate. We hope again for a worthy competition in 2023 and will evaluate this together in Switzerland.

  4. At CMCdN the 60+ class only needs to have one 4-stroke in the team instead of two.

  5. Riders under the age of 50 can then participate in the -50 team in the CMCdN.

By implementing these changes, the board hopes that it will be another good cross year.

With kind regards, Herman

Board Update

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Dear Sport Friends,

A littke late but still a happy new year to everyone. We hope you are all well and looking forward to another wonderful classic motocross year in 2023.

Before Christmas ECMO and IMBA had a meeting to discuss the future of working together in Classic motocross.

In 2023 ECMO will, as previously agreed, run the CEC championship as a one event championship on the 24thJune at Pacov in the Czech Republic. IMBA in 2023 will also be running an IMBA classic championship with 3 rounds; 19th May in Germany (Kleinhau) and the 2nd July in Belgium (Genk). The other round will be at the CEC event in Pacov (Czech Republic) on 24th June. The CEC & IMBA event in Pacov will be a wonderful collaboration between ECMO and IMBA and should be a excellent classic motocross event.

Registration for the ECMO CEC will be opening in a couple of weeks, with registration via the online form the ECMO website

Information for the IMBA Classic Championship can be found at the IMBA Website

On behalf of the Board Herman

Board Update


Dear Sports friends,

We are proud to announce that René Walther has joined the board of ECMO to strengthen us.

René lives with his partner in a family house in the countryside with a large garden, together with their 2 cats. After 33 years in charge of the drinking water supply of a small town, René retired in 2020. As for the sport, René competed for the Swiss championship for 24 years and then focused on Classic Motocross. He has been on the board of the OMC since 2017 and succeeds Benny Winiger as ECMO representative. his goal for the future is to promote and preserve Classic Motocross in Switzerland and Europe.

We therefore welcome him to our board. Herman & Emma

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