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22-06-1937 { Diny Vreman - van Brandenburg } 13-08-2021

Things can sometimes happen unexpectedly. Then it is shocking and you are left in disbelief, especially when it comes to people who never come to the forefront.

There are people who are or want to be in the spotlight. They are not pre-important. Others prefer to work behind the scenes and remain unnoticed, but are definitely of great importance.

Dear ECMO friends, such a personality suddenly passed away on Friday the 13th of August at the age of 84 years. "Our" Diny, the "secretary" of ECMO, only worked behind the scenes and very few will know her.

She was involved in ECMO from the start and then, together with Jos Verwey, Christer Garver and Herman Leunen and some others, she brought some structure to the new club. She also took care of the ECMO website in her own way. Involved as she was in everything she worked for, she never wanted to be rewarded for her hard work. A few years ago Emma took over the physical tasks as secretary of ECMO. However, Diny remained involved and was still working on her website, the ".org" site. She also worked for all kinds of organizations and institutions, a true centipede.

A wonderful woman, clever and sharp, has passed away.

We and many others will miss here sorely.

May she rest in peace.

Board of ECMO

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