UP DATE 2022 - 1

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2022-01-31 Dear classicmotorsport friends, It's been quiet around ECMO and classic motocross outside for a while, but that doesn't mean nothing happened internally. After 2 years of being in the stranglehold of Corona, it now seems to be going in the right direction and we can hope for a new season.

It is also a difficult time for the organizers due to the ever-changing rules of governments. We had to deal with cancellations and relocations. But it looks like we will still have a competition of 3 CEC races in 2022 and the CMCdN in September in Culitzsch (DE). As soon as there is definitive certainty about the CECs, this will be published on the ECMO site (www.classicmotorsport.eu). Messages on any other sites or publicity channels have no value and are therefore not reliable.

I also inform you that, struck by a serious illness, after 16 years of presidency of ECMO, I am slowly withdrawing and handing over tasks. However, ECMO's continuity is not jeopardized by the help of experts from the classic circuit.

I sincerely hope that this season we can start riding again, meet each other and live the “normal” life again. I wish you all a beautiful, healthy and sporty 2022. Thanks for the fantastic cooperation over the years.

Kind regards, Alberto Langenberg (Chairman Of ECMO)