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Life goes on best sportfriends. Take the Olympics in Japan, without an audience and the athletes all double checked and living in a bubble and yet................................ The virus is still an erratic and difficult to catch phenomenon. Every time we see new outbreaks, so we need to vaccinate even better and more. But we are on the right track, in my opinion, although you always want it faster. Fortunately, we see that there are already quite a few cross races on a national level. But internationally, due to the often daily changing restrictions and the documents you need, travelling remains a complicated and somewhat risky business.

But there is a light on the horizon. For those who do want to drive abroad, there are some options. It is important to ensure that you are well informed about the rules of the country you are going to and also any transit countries. Provide the correct and recent documents, QR-codes, Tests results and both for outwward and return trips.

If you want to make a trip, we wish you a nice journey and a fantastic cross. We hope that your personal trade-off between pleasure and risk, will be worth it. Hopefully we see each other again healthy and well in 2022 at one of the ECMO events.

Kindly yours Alberto