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Dear classicmotorsport friends,

It has been a difficult adventure to make a racing calendar again this year, after 2 years of compulsory rest. Overcrowded national calendars always make it difficult for ECMO to find a suitable date. Clubs also had and have to deal with new regulations. Of course we also try to take some old traditional classic races in Europe into account. But that is very difficult. Every country has a few of these races and maneuvering in between them remains quite a puzzle. Ultimately, as ECMO, we have to make a choice, because we do not own any tracks and are therefore dependent on track owners and clubs. This sometimes turns out to be a bit unfortunate, but that is the reality. It is then up to the riders to make a choice.

Nevertheless, we are happy that we can start again after 2 years of mandatory rest. For example, we will start on May 7 with the first CEC in Stribro in CZ. Then the second CEC will be held in Rhenen in NL on July 2, (the Macro club celebrates its postponed 75th anniversary) and the last CEC will be held in Italy, in Casale Monferrato. This club even exists 100 years this year and wants to celebrate this big with all classic motorcycle friends from Europe.

The CMCdN will now finally take place in Culitzsch, this club has been waiting for 2 years for the actual implementation of their organization of this country race. We wish all clubs good luck with the organization and hope for a nice and safe classic cross season. Hopefully we will meet again in May.

Board ECMO

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