Up date Stribro 3-- May- 1--2022

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Only 1 more week...........

.....and then we can enjoy our beautiful classic motorsport in Stribro again.

If there are still doubts, put them aside and plan the trip to Stribro in the Czech Republic. Whether you participate as a participant or go there to enjoy yourself as a spectator, you won't regret it. There will be a lot to tell after 2 years of forced absence, beautiful and perhaps less beautiful things, but we will just have to pick up life again with a positive approach to the future.

The ECMO board is therefore pleased that so many have already registered for the first CEC and hopes that even more will decide to participate again in our sporty and fun European classic races. Will we finally see each other again on May 7th in Stribro? I really hope so.

Good journey and see you soon.


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