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Dear Sport Friends,

For the second year in a row we had to decide to cancel the CMCdN in Culitzsch Germany on 11th September. With pain in the heart, but we must be realistic, knowing that reason must prevail over sentiment. At this moment there are too much uncertainties for the near future, due to the virus. Restrictions, travel problems, vaccinations yes or no, tests, new outbreaks etc.etc. And although the MC Culitzsch wanted so badly to organize a big event for all the riders from the various countries, we together decided not to continue, also from an organizational point of view for the club. Because only a few number of countries with also few teams have been registered. And it is too risky to bet it will work at the end.

Public health comes before sport, no matter how bad or sad it is. Spreading a virus variant does not belong to the ECMO activities.

The Board of ECMO has agreed in principle with the organizers of the 2021 races, Offenbach, Jinin, Ramonchamp and Culitzsch, to move the entire 2021 program to 2022, in the hope that we then will be released and liberated from Covid-19 and all its variants. The planned CMCdN in Northern Ireland in 2022, will be postponed to 2023 (Thanks John). The exact dates of the CEC's and CMCdN next year (2022) you will find on this site.

We wish you all a nice summer, but stay alert!!! And if you are still on holiday, have a great time and come back home safe and sound!!

On behalf of the Board, Alberto

PS. Keep visiting the ECMO site from time to time, then you will kept informed of all kinds of things and also you can find some collages of pictures from the past.

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