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Dear sport friends,

We hope you are all well. After a long time of waiting and hoping we are now really seeing relaxations from the governments in Europe. Unfortunately there is no uniformity, but the start is there. In some countries you can even practice and there are also some places where there can be a cross, with limitations. That is why our hope grows day by day that we can finally organize, deo volente, the CMCdN with MC Culitzsch in September. That would mean a wonderful closure of a more or less lost season.

Of course we have to stay alert, because the virus still exists. The vacccinations however are doing their work and the infections are decreasing. But we have to be careful. Holidays are coming, so people from all places will meet each other with a high risk of contamination and bringing an infection back home as a souvenir. Look at the "delta" variant, at the moment freshly imported in some countries and active.

But let us be positive. Important is to know that our own human behaviour plays the leading role in this. When we think wisely, then we can hope that in September there are no more restrictions with regards to travelling between and through all European countries. Together with the representatives of the countries and the MC Culitzsch, we closely follow the developments in Europe with regards to the restrictions, quarantine, tests etc. If all goes well, we will be able to organize our CMCdN for all riders on a level playing field.

We sincerely hope that the developments continue to be positive, for you, for us, for the sport, but most of all, for the public health.

We wish you a nice summer and lovely holidays. And as I have said before, "domitrix rerum patientia", patience conquers all!! We will see each other, safe and sound, in September in Germany.

Board of ECMO