ECMO – CEC 1 – 2022 – STRIBRO – CZECH REPUBLIC After a dormant 2 years, the ECMO Classic European Championships (CEC) came back with a bang on Saturday 7th May at the opening round of the 2022 championship held by the AMK Stribro club in the Czech Republic. A strong field of 120 competitors lined up for the age-related races on ...


Dear sports friends,

The first CEC race in Stribro was a great success. Under the beautiful conditions in terms of both the weather and the track, after two years, finally the classics have started again. The event was organized perfectly, with only satisfied riders and spectators.

I have made a short photographic impression with the ...


Dear Sports friends,

ECMO season 2022 has started. Registrations for the first race on May 7 in Stribro (CZ) are pouring in. Everyone seems enthusiastic again after 2 seasons of forced rest. It is nice to see many old familiar names of our "regular" ECMO participants. Thinking of, for example, Jimmy Smed and Wout Verzijl, 82 year ...


...Dear Sports Friends,

Spring has sprung and almost all clubs can't wait to start their cross season. For those who also like to participate in foreign races, there is already the possibility in Wohlen (CH) in 2 weeks. A big motorcycle weekend is planned on April 2 and 3. See the program elsewhere on this site. This is a race that falls outside ...


Dear Sportfriends,

Soon we will finally start again with the CEC competition. The registrations (via the ECMO site, see Calendar-Entry Form), have already started and on May 7th we have the first race in Stribro (CZ). Let's hope that after 2 seasons lost by Covid19, we finally manage to do our beautiful classic motorsport again.

All ...

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